New girl. New shoes.

I daren’t even look at the last time I posted on my blog. As I return to write it I’m amazed it hasn’t rejected me,  although I might give it permission to sulk for a while.

Last summer I started Couch to 5k with Michael Jordan. Due to his patience, encouragement, and some decent Spotify playlists, I completed it a few months later. Since then I’ve learned that it’s more beneficial to run little and often, rather than attempt to run 10k each weekend. I shall try and do the same with my blog. Little and often. My mum says I’ve always been a “little and often girl,” referring to food of course.

On May 1st I started a new job in a new town. I was that girl. The new girl. Nervous, apprehensive, all of the above. I sat in a socially distanced staff meeting not knowing what the future held and trying not to go down the “What if’s…” path. Without sounding big-headed, I was more than content with the friends I had and wasn’t sure whether I had the energy or inclination to make new ones. What I failed to take into account was that this new group of strangers were also amazing. Note to self – you can never have too many friends.

Jackson Pollock  Ocean

In our subsequent zoom staff meetings I laughed until I had belly ache. In the classroom my TA and I giggled with the children whose baking antics left the classroom looking more like a Jackson Pollock canvas. I felt quite at home. When all was quiet and the children had left, all I could hear was laughter and joking resounding from various classrooms and corridors.

Living in a bubble has been different, but certainly no less fun. Quite the opposite. Accompanying children to the toilets and listening in on their conversations has been enlightening and highly entertaining. “Shall we stay in here forever?” a girl asks,  “Yes..” her classmate replies. “What will we drink?” “Water I guess…”  Baking was definitely our highlight, and a silent-ish “no- spitting children” sports day in the typical English non-committed drizzle was memorable. Catching butterflies, “feeding” frogs, learning to hula-hoop, ( them, not me) mastering the socially distanced line and the broken record “Stay back – Covid remember” has all been logged or should I say lodged in our memories. The word “bonkers” has been our Green Bubble catch phrase.

On the last day the Headteacher retired. Being the new girl surely no one would suspect me of being mischievous so a little bit of car decoration may have been necessary. After all, I’m always keen to put my creative skills to use.  It’s important to be a “joiner – inner” n’est pas?

Weren’t me Miss….


I am loving my new school. Great kids, compassionate, kind and fun staff, and some special new friendships developing. Being the new girl is ok. You also get to buy new shoes.

Have a great summer friends. I shall share some art posts, which may or may not involve baking.

On to pastures new…..