Snot Funny

Apparently there are millions of blogs out there in the sky somewhere. Down here on earth humans all over the place are writing them. Mine is going to be a funny one. Which is why my first post is called Snot Funny. Because it’s snot been funny so far. Good start. I imagine lots of blogs are funny without realising it.

Starting a blog and a web site by yourself, with no geek or techy friend, or cash in the bank to pay someone else, is harder than ironing or washing the floor. Housework is really hard work. I read blogs and web sites every day. Who has time to build and write these things? Can’t a lovely helpful nerd design a robot to do it? You have to search various (appropriate) pictures, which you think someone else might like, then you have to think of a strap line, title, menu, caption. Save this, delete that, preview, publish. Come up for breath. I stare at my computer wondering if it’s glaring back at me and wishing I’d just give up now.

I’m not sure this is going to be my thing.  I struggle to decide how to have my steak cooked, so deciding on colours, backgrounds, images and fonts might mean this blog gets published sometime in 2019. Hilarious. I’m happy with that.

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